The International Day of Radiant Peace

September 22 each year

Celebrate this special day wherever you are!

You, yourself, or along with family and friends and many other people around the world can use your own creativity to commemorate and celebrate The International Day of Radiant Peace each year. People participate in a variety of ways, some of which are included below. And, we will be happy to provide you with free materials about Radiant Peace® to give away! Just email us at RadiantPeaceIntl(at) and let us know how many you would like. Please be sure to let us know what you will be doing and share your photographs with us. Your participation inspires Radiant Peace in our world.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • If you are in the Tampa Bay area, visit The International Museum of Radiant Peace in the timing of September or invite one of our speakers to come to your club or workplace.
  • Display a Radiant Peace banner while you enjoy a picnic or work in your office.
  • Read through our Purposes: choose your favorite, participate in an activity inspired by one of them or reflect on how you can encourage Radiant Peace!
  • Let your co-workers know it is The International Day of Radiant Peace: put up a sign and provide a special snack.
  • Start a list of ways to express Radiant Peace in the world: everyone who contributes an idea receives a beautiful Radiant Peace patch.
  • Read some of the Radiant Peace quotes from children on this Web site.
  • Go for a walk for Radiant Peace, by yourself or with others. Many people experience Radiant Peace in nature.
  • Write a poem or create a special meditation or prayer for Radiant Peace.
  • Create a proclamation for The International Day of Radiant Peace where you are. One sample proclamation (PDF) can get you started.
  • Have a Radiant Peace picnic or party. What about a Radiant Peace chocolate party, where each person brings something made of chocolate to share, a special meal with recipes from different cultures, or a Radiant Peace art party?
  • Ring bells for Radiant Peace. Universities, churches and community carillons have sounded bells to remind people of Radiant Peace. You can also use our Radiant Peace bells in your home, car or office.

For all classroom teachers and youth leaders: The Radiant Peace Foundation International is offering special awards for celebrations of The International Day of Radiant Peace. Please send us your photographs with a description of your activity and we will send you an award!


Since 1999

The first annual International Day of Radiant Peace was created on June 22, 1999 as a day for people to remember, celebrate and commemorate Radiant Peace wherever they are. It is now observed on September 22 each year.

The first proclamation was created by David J. Fischer, Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida. Through the years cities throughout the United States and in England, Italy, Ireland and Romania issued official documents proclaiming The International Day of Radiant Peace.