Radiant Peace Quotes

Expressions of Radiant Peace from Children

Excerpts from The Radiant Peace Education Awards®, 1990 to present

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The Radiant Peace Foundation International, Inc.

Radiant Peace is all around the world in everyone.

~ Sammy, age 9, St. Petersburg, Florida (2006)

Radiant Peace is being yourself and helping others feel better about themselves. When you help somebody, you’re not just helping somebody you’re helping the world. What I mean by helping the world is that you’re helping somebody live a great life in the world and that helps the world!

~ Arrity, age 11, Baltimore, Maryland (2013)

As we get to know ourselves more and the people around us longer, we notice that we have many things in common. We all cry, laugh, hurt, fall, rise up. That’s common throughout the whole globe, no matter what background we have, we’re all equal in one way or another. One of the most common things that brings everybody closer together is Radiant Peace. Radiant Peace is big like the sky, where the sun is always shining, maybe in different seasons, but it still has its own glow. In order to have Radiant Peace in our lives, we have to look within everybody’s heart, starting with our own. We have to see beyond people to see the light that shines through their soul....

~ Romina, age 17, Clearwater, Florida (2010)

Radiant Peace, to me, is strong love and care for people, animals and plants that make the world a better place. Radiant Peace brings everyone closer together with friendship no matter what differences they have.

~ Robby, age 8, Castaic, California (2012)

Radiant Peace is like a flower growing. As it blooms, it sprouts leaves of joy and petals of happiness.

~ Christina, age 8, Cocoa, Florida (2007)

If I talked to a child in another country about Radiant Peace I would say, if you and I were friends and we got a friend and they got a friend and so on, the whole world would be in Radiant Peace.

~ Danielle, age 6, Plant City, Florida (2002)

I can find Radiant Peace through the simple things in life, such as the warmth of the sun on a summer day, the sound of rain, watching the clouds change into their positions and anticipating what shape they might make.

~ Alexandra, age 10, Tuscaloosa, Alabama (1999)

I am a Radiant Peacemaker when I have love in my heart.

~ Kevin, age 6, Florida CIty, Florida (2010)

Radiant Peace is like a circle. Each person is part of the circle. We have our whole lives to make the circle bigger. Each of us has work to do. Each of us has special gifts like being understanding, being helpful, fixing things, being calm, cheerful, happy, and thankful. Each person is needed. If one is missing, the circle is broken. Together we work for Radiant Peace.

~ Jennifer, age 8, North Palm Beach, Florida (1995)

Animals have many unique ways that bring us Radiant Peace. When dogs sense that we are sad or down, they might simply just sit at our side or jump in our lap as a way of saying “I love you,” or “I’m here for you.”...I think that if people in today’s world had the kind of compassion that animals have for us, the world would be full of many Radiant Peacemakers.

~ Laurie, age 14, Walnut, Mississippi (2012)

To me, Radiant Peace is when I can wear whatever I want and no one will judge me. It’s when I can be whatever size I want and not worry about others’ comments. It’s when I can be 16 years old and still listen to nursery rhymes if I want to. It’s when I can be best friends with someone who’s the complete opposite to me. It’s when child labor is just a thing in the past. It’s when I can’t wait for tomorrow to come. It’s when living actually feels like being alive . . .

~ Mona, age 15, Cairo, Egypt (2010)

If I were President we would have a Radiant Peace parade ten times a year!

~ Courtney, grade 4, Austin, Texas (1992)

I express Radiant Peace simply by smiling. Smiling makes people feel welcomed. It’s like saying, “Here I am, be my friend."

~ Jose, age 13, Florida City, Florida (2008)

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