Purposes of
The Radiant Peace Foundation International

  1. To inspire, encourage and promote Radiant Peace, which is natural, whole, harmless, not dualistic, benevolent energy within all our hearts relating us all and making us whole. Radiant Peace transcends the limits of race, age, gender, politics and religion. Radiant Peace is within us all and is available to everyone;

  2. To contribute to increasing the knowledge and understanding of Radiant Peace, as it recognizes the dignity and worth of all human beings, of all animals and of all living things, and to promote right human relations and peaceful co-existence among all peoples and all living things on earth in Radiant Peace;

  3. To support increased understanding of Radiant Peace, honoring the peaceful interconnectedness of all life, and the essential oneness of all life;

  4. To develop through education, research and distribution of materials widespread understanding of Radiant Peace which is naturally nurturing, beneficial and benevolent to all peoples and aligned with the basic human right to achieve wholeness, balance, health in body, mind and spirit, integrity, intelligence, and love;

  5. To promote international understanding and cooperation in responsible service for human, and all life, in mutual respect, love and harmlessness, in peaceful caretaking and in the inclusive principle of unity within our diversities, which is Radiant Peace;

  6. To be a centerpoint for and to cooperate with other organizations in activities and education contributing to Radiant Peace, global stability, unity, and the continuing development of right human relations;

  7. To celebrate The International Day of Radiant Peace and The International Festival of Radiant Peace each year, and to inspire, encourage and promote Radiant Peace projects worldwide.

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