Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Radiant Peace?

Radiant Peace is within us all and is available to everyone. Radiant Peace is natural, whole, harmless, benevolent energy within all our hearts relating us all and making us whole. Radiant Peace is not dualistic in nature, as in cycles of war and peace. Radiant Peace transcends the limits of race, age, gender, politics and religion. (from the Purposes)

How can I get information about The Radiant Peace Education Awards®?

The Radiant Peace Education Awards are offered twice a year, once in the late fall holiday season and once in the spring. The current announcement is available online for each entry cycle. To make sure you receive an announcement as soon as they are sent, please join our email list or request snail mail notices by sending your address to the Foundation office.

Who can participate in The Radiant Peace Education Awards®?

The Radiant Peace Education Awards are open to all students in grades 1-12 (approximately ages 6-18, for students in other countries). While it is primarily designed for schools, over the years students from youth groups, Brownie and Girl Scout troops, Boys and Girls Clubs, and classes in other countries have used the opportunity to explore Radiant Peace where they are. Every participant receives a Radiant Peace Patch, and outstanding entries also receive cash awards and certificates. Understandably, The Radiant Peace Foundation International reserves the right to modify the program for overseas, extremely large groups, or similar exceptional circumstances.

How is The Radiant Peace Foundation International funded?

Since 1986, The Radiant Peace Foundation International and all the Radiant Peace projects have been funded by donations from individuals, with a few corporate donors contributing, especially for particular projects. From time to time, people have held garage sales and donated part or all of the proceeds from the sale to the Foundation. Each donor makes a difference and provides the funds to make these programs possible! Please consider giving your support with a financial contribution!

How can I do a Radiant Peace project?

Basically, come up with an idea and make it happen! Materials, like the Radiant Peace banner and Radiant Peace Patches, are available for Radiant Peace projects upon request. In exchange, we ask that you document your activity and send it to the Foundation for more people to see. (See the next FAQ for ideas)

What kind of Radiant Peace projects can I do?

Anything you want to do that inspires, encourages and promotes Radiant Peace! Activities can be with other people, like picnics, parties, street fairs, parades, scavenger hunts, and festivals. You can also create ways to expand Radiant Peace in your area with Radiant Peace walks or hikes in natural settings, ringing bells for Radiant Peace, singing Radiant Peace songs, or whatever helps you experience Radiant Peace.

Is Radiant Peace a religion?

Not at all. People of many different religions participate in Radiant Peace projects. You can believe what your faith offers and simultaneously have an experience of Radiant Peace radiating from within you. Children know what Radiant Peace is quite naturally. Like ten-year-old Amanda, they say "My Radiant Peace is very close, it’s right in my heart."

Does The Radiant Peace Foundation International lobby or have a political agenda?

Not at all. Radiant Peace is not dualistic in nature, as in cycles of war and peace, and the Foundation does not take any political stand.

Is this an activist organization?

Not at all. As Rebecca, age 8, said, "Understanding each other will help make Radiant Peace in the world," and Garrett, age 12, saw clearly, "Radiant Peace is something you can’t touch, but you can feel it in your heart."

I love what that child wrote/created! I want to use it on my Web site/in my office/on a card....

Please remember that all content on this Web site, including logos, children's quotes and art, is copyright The Radiant Peace Foundation International, Inc. and may not be reproduced or distributed without written permission. The sole exception is in the cases of material for activities explicitly offered for public use. For questions or requests to use material, please contact the office of The Radiant Peace Foundation International. Thank you!

Are there more FAQ's?

Not yet! If you have other questions not answered above, please email the Foundation office.